Whatever Happened to the Indy Podcast?

In short, life happened. 

For starters, The Indy Podcast is something I love, and it isn’t dead. That said, it’s not my full-time job, which already takes up as many as 60 hours of my weeks. Also, it’s the summer, which means I’m traveling a lot. Chicago, NYC, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, a train trip across the western part of the country, and a week in California are all on the docket. Also, the summer is for outdoorsy stuff, and the Indy Podcast has largely been an indoors endeavor.

Add to that, in the fall I’m going back to school full-time. I’m not doing anything other than work and study (maybe not even sleep) during that time, so a podcast which I love but takes up time and makes me no money just isn’t going to fit in. I’m going to talk to someone who some of you listeners might know about collaborating on the future of the podcast, and that could mean new episodes in the fall. Nothing’s set in stone though.

All of this in mind, the Indy Podcast is far from dead. I have big plans for it when I finish school next summer. Big plans. Nobody will even remember the old episodes (which is good, because audio quality). All of the previous episodes will be archived on this site, the most recent episodes will be on Soundcloud and iTunes. Older episodes will be on this site only, because I’m not paying $15/month to Soundcloud to host a podcast I’m not currently making.

So stay tuned. When the Indy Podcast comes back, I’ll let you know.

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