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Indy Podcast Episode #6: Great Fermentations

In this episode of The Indy Podcast I sat down with Anita Johnson, the proprietor of Great Fermentations, a retailer that sells craft home-brewing supplies and gives expertise to those interested in making their own beer and wine. Anita is a true beer-lover and has been for decades. We had an excellent conversation in which we talked about the history of Great Fermentations, craft beer and home-brewing in Indy, and what beer culture means to the city.

If you’re an Indy beer lover, you’ll definitely enjoy this episode of the podcast.¬†And even if you aren’t, you’ll probably enjoy it too. You can listen to the episode through SoundCloud below. Enjoy!

You can check out Great Fermentations by going to their website here. And you can follow them on twitter, instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Thanks to Anita for inviting me in for a great conversation!

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