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Welcome to my blog.

I’m a flight paramedic, podcaster, and writer living in Central Indiana. My interest include medicine (especially in austere and wilderness environments), complex systems theory, technological sustainability, disaster/collapse preparedness, and left-libertarian politics.

This is a place for me to share with you the things I think about and find interesting, but more importantly a way for me to connect with other people about our shared interests. Feel free to comment on anything or connect with me via email.

Here are some other things I do:

  • General Interest Podcast: Where I talk to interesting people about interesting things. It’s generally interesting. New episodes are published here on my blog.
  • Enthusiasticast: A podcast that is currently in the works. Keep an eye on my twitter for updates.
  • Science [and/or] Fiction: A now maybe-temporarily retired podcast where I and my best friend Lucas talk about science, sci-fi, and everything in the middle.
  • Professor Sloan on Twitch: my twitch channel, where I teach and discuss random subjects about which I amĀ absolutely not an expert but have some knowledge.