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Untitled Weekly Newsletter – Vol. 3

Interesting Things on The Internet:

On Reddit: A guide for healthcare workers on providing compassionate care to trans folks:

Other things I’m reading:

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Untitled Weekly Newsletter – Vol. 2

I saw a Tesla Cybertruck in Indianapolis for the first time this week.

They are just as gargantuan and ugly in real life as they are on the internet. True to form and expectation, this one had just cut someone off from getting into the turn lane.

My friend Lucas’s thought on them is this: “The perfect embodiment of the suburban pickup truck. Barely useful bed that’ll never get used for “tough work,” ugly as sin, mostly used to ferry rich guys and their children, high enough so you can’t see the pedestrians you’re killing. It’s like someone took an F-150 and turned all the dials to 11.”

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