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Campus Protests for Gaza and the Right Side of History

I was born in 1989. Although I don’t really remember much about South African Apartheid, I remember when it fell.

My grandparents actually had a newspaper clipping from 1994 about the fall of the apartheid regime that was kept in the middle drawer of their computer desk. As Quakers, they were against apartheid, and as I became older and more capable of understanding the world around me, they taught me more about what apartheid was along with many of the other racist anti-human systems baked into the function of our world.

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Trustworthy Organizations in Gaza for Donations

No one with a conscience should be able to see what is happening in Gaza and not want to help.

Of course, the only real solution according to the UN and virtually every human rights organization in the world is a permanent ceasefire under which Israel can no longer kill thousands of innocent civilians, lay waste to the civic and residential infrastructure of Gaza, and prevent aid from reaching those trapped there.

Until that happens, there are some organizations who are doing good work in Gaza to provide food, WASH, healthcare, housing, and search-and-rescue. Some have been there for decades, others have only come in since the beginning of Israel’s assault on Gaza in October.

I have tried to do as much research and due diligence as I can to vet these organizations and their operational philosophy, but I am not a perfect person. If you know of any substantial reason why any of these organizations might not be considered trustworthy, please contact me and I will consider removing it from the list. I will also add additional organizations periodically as I find them.

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