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Get Your F******* Flu Shot!

The Flu is one of the most deadly diseases in human history.

In 1918, the “Spanish Flu” pandemic resulted in the death of between 50 and 100 million people, as much as 5% of the entire world’s population. It was the deadliest single-disease pandemic since the bubonic plague. It killed more people than any part of the First World War which immediately preceded it, and it is entirely possible that it killed more people than the First and Second World Wars combined. 

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The ’90s Fever Dream That Was Chex Quest

Have you ever thought that maybe something existed when you were a kid, but as an adult you realized that it seems like it could have never really happened? And have you ever decided to look into it to see if maybe, just maybe it actually did exist? Such is the narrative of my recent fascination with a little-remembered cult-video game from 1996: Chex Quest.

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Indy Podcast Episode #6: Great Fermentations

In this episode of The Indy Podcast I sat down with Anita Johnson, the proprietor of Great Fermentations, a retailer that sells craft home-brewing supplies and gives expertise to those interested in making their own beer and wine. Anita is a true beer-lover and has been for decades. We had an excellent conversation in which we talked about the history of Great Fermentations, craft beer and home-brewing in Indy, and what beer culture means to the city.

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Drone in the Park

Drones (or Unmanned Aerial Systems, if you’re the FAA) are becoming more and more popular as a platforms for creatives to capture aerial views that previously would have only been possible with access to a helicopter. Obviously a drone costs a lot less than a helicopter, and learning to fly one is considerably easier. The Snodgrass brothers—owners of startup Sigma Flight Systems—are looking to make drones even more accessible.

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My Review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Let me come right out of the gate saying this: I am going to spoil this movie. Spoiler warning out of the way, let’s proceed.

I remember the first time I saw Star Wars. I was six years old and was with family at my uncle’s house. For whatever reason my uncle decided to introduce me to what would become my unabashedly beloved fandom of twenty years now. From the moment the original-edition VHS of Star Wars: A New Hope finished rewinding and started playing, I was hooked. Eventually his VHS copy of the trilogy was handed down to me, and the rest is history.

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Nous Sommes Tous Parisiens: On Solidarity with the People of Paris and France

“So ask the travelled inhabitant of any nation, in what country on earth would you rather live? Certainly in my own, where are all my friends, my relations, and the earliest and sweetest affections and recollections of my life. Which would be your second choice? France.”

— Excerpt from The Autobiography of Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson, who most know as our third President, was preceded only by Benjamin Franklin in serving as Minister to France. Having served the public since well before our nation’s independence was tested and established, Jefferson carried with him the gratitude of a nation which without France’s help, might not exist as it does today.

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Indy Podcast Ep. 1: The Indy Hostel

For our first episode of the Indy Podcast, I sat down with John [the owner] and Paul [the now-former manager] of Indy’s very own hostel about what it’s like to run a hostel in Indy, how hostels and desire for unique lodging are reshaping the way we travel, and what advice they have for travelers either to or from Indy. Listen below via SoundCloud, or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

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Telling a City’s Story

The Athenians had an oath for someone who was about to become a citizen. They had to swear that ‘I shall leave the city not less but more beautiful than I found it.’

-Richard Rogers, Architect

The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle states that it is impossible to observe something without in some way fundamentally changing that which you are observing. I have a friend who recently completed an academic thesis regarding measurement as a concept with many facets, and in the context of a conversation about her thesis, an idea I had came up.

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